17 November 2018

Discover investment opportunities in Ministry of Roads and Urban Development projects through IranTIP.

What is IranTIP?

Iran Trade and Investment Platform (IranTIP) is a web-based funding platform through which Iranian businesses are able to originate deals in a standard format and pitch them to potential investors around the world. On the other hand, investors are also able to search and filter published deals according to their needs and interests, and contact the investees if they want.

Why IranTIP?

  • Finding investment opportunities is less time consuming.
  • You can access third party services such as financial, legal, consulting and managerial services.
  • Users are able to control their privacy settings, profile visibility and who has access to their information.

How Investors Use IranTIP?

  1. Create your profile as an investor.
  2. Search for interesting deals or review the ones suggested by us.
  3. Contact chosen investees and close the deal offline.

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