21 May 2019
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Congratulatory Message of the head of Iran-Turkmenistan Joint Economic Commission for Independence Day of Turkmenistan

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Iran's Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Eslami, attended the ceremony for Independence Day of Turkmenistan on 11 November 2018 as the head of Iran-Turkmenistan Joint Economic Commission and thereupon read a congratulatory message on the part of Islamic Republic of Iran as follows:

"Hereby, I congratulate 27th anniversary of Turkmenistan Independence Day to the Government and nation of Turkmenistan as a friendly, fraternal, and neighboring country. Islamic Republic of Iran's foreign policy assigns priority for neighboring and regional countries to promote foreign relations. In this regard, development of friendly and fraternal relations with Turkmenistan has been of great importance to us. The long land and marine borders between Iran and Turkmenistan since its independence have been as a exemplar of peace and friendship over the past twenty-seven years and the Governments of the two countries have done their best to preserve this merit.

Islamic Republic of Iran was among the first nation to recognize Turkmenistan as an independent nation and established its diplomatic relations with this country. Moreover, Iran was among the first countries which actively supported Turkmenistan's neutrality at regional and international levels.

The interactions and relationships of Islamic Republic of Iran with many Central Asian Countries have unique characteristics in terms of common historical and cultural affinities. Many cultural, social and historical commonalities between Iran and Turkmenistan including ancient Nourooz, common cultural and scientific personages such as Makhdum-Quli Feraghi, common lexicon in Persian and Turkmen's language and literature, Imam Reza's footstep monument in Merv, and sense of respect for the elders and pioneers have all provided the motives for friendship and brotherhood between the two nations; to the extent that Iran's Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, addressed Turkmenistan not only as a neighboring but also as a relative country to Iranian Nation. Undoubtedly, these are valuable assets needed for a more prosperous future.

Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkmenistan as two friend and brother countries can take giant steps for the welfare and wellbeing of their citizens and regional countries with expanding cooperation.

Wishing prosperity for regional countries with comprehensive cooperation aiming at economic development, welfare, and security"


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