26 March 2019
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Chabahar Port Present at 21st IONS Meeting

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MRUD News—according to the Deputy at Port and Maritime Organization of Sistan and Balouchestan Province, Iran’s PMO representatives participated in the 21st Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) and presented 5 expert documents on Ship Inspection and Control.

In this meeting, held in Fremantle, Australia from 5th to 11th August, two PMO Chabahar experts presented 5 documents, two of which, titled “Visual Documentation in Inspection Reports” and “Inspection and Control Officers Exchange” were received well by all member countries of IONS.

Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS) is a forum to increase maritime cooperation among the littoral states of the Indian Ocean Region. There are 32 (23 members and 9 observers) Navies of the IONS. The forum helps to preserve peaceful relations between nations, and thus is critical to building an effective maritime security architecture in the Indian Ocean Region and is also fundamental to our collective prosperity.

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