21 June 2018
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  • Seeking IranShahr Concept on Canvas
    A selection of Marzieh Nazemzadeh's paintings, seeking to depict the concept of IranShahr Civilization, is on exhibition at Vartan House in Tehran from 22-29 May 2018, 9 am - 17 pm.
  • Mercantilist USA and Determined Europe
    With US president Donald Trump's decision to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), Europe has an important and role to play in influencing the rest of the world towards peace or war. ...


      • Tuesday 28 March 2017
        Abbas Akhoundi
        The Minister

        IranShahr is an evolving Culture and continuous revision of a history that could be sustainable. What makes a culture to sustain is the ability to resolve the contradictions. So re-evaluating and contemporizing this thought with Islamic, modernism and globalization criteria and far from absolutism and sanctification is a necessity that the idea of IranShahr in the Ministry has laid down.

      • Thursday 02 November 2017
        Abbas Akhoundi
        The Minister
        Today was not only a historic day for Chabahar port but also reviving history of maritime connectivity in the region.
        Congratulations to India, Afganistan & Iran for transiting the first Indian wheat shipment via Chabahar port to Afganistan.


        May28 INSTC Friendship Motor Car Rally
        Created by afshar-prel on 5/28/2018 9:04:27 AM

        MRUD News—The Welcome Ceremony for 'the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) Friend...
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        Apr07 New Town, Future Town: Meeting of Capital Relocating Experiences in South Korea
        Created by kaabi-prel on 4/7/2018 11:23:20 AM

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        Apr07 New Town, Smart Town: Iran NTDC-South Korea LH Joint Workshop
        Created by kaabi-prel on 4/7/2018 11:12:03 AM

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        Jan20 INSTC Forum Planned in Feb.
        Created by afshar-prel on 1/20/2018 9:34:46 AM

        Representatives from Iran, Russia, India, Belarus and Azerbaijan will attend a forum on the Interna...
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        Oct10 The 2nd International Exhibition of Transport, Road Construction, Road Maintenance and Related Industries
        Created by afshar-prel on 10/10/2017 1:35:59 PM

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